Oh what can be said about baby “B”. She is playful, cheeky, smart, caring and quick witted. She pops off with one liners and new ideas daily that leave her dad and I speechless. This is girl that learned to roll her eyes at age 2 because we annoy her!!! Heaven help us all when she can drive!!


Doctor walks in the door, “Where have you been!!! It took you forever!!!” Eye roll, sigh and all (it had only been 4 minutes) Thank goodness the man has a great sense of humor.

“You gotta come to the program tonight mom and dad!! You’re my people!!!”

Kayla walked down the stairs at 5am the other morning and flopped on the couch with the most serious look. “Mom, who am I going to MARRY!!!!!” I asked if she really needed to worry about this now and the her response was “Mom, I’m getting older every second decisions need to be made!!!”