Lil Miss

Lil Miss was twin “A”. She is a sweet, smart, lovable, caring and loves to be right. There isn’t a battle she won’t confront head on and try to conquer, even if it’s mama. Her hugs are to die for and her heart is as soft as pudding. Her little sayings are just so sweet and sometimes she is just downright hilarious.


“I want to hug you forever.”

“I woke up just to check on you mama.”

“I can’t go to school today my foot says no.”

I walked up to use the bathroom and found Reagan in there dancing and singing to herself. “I have a cute booty, I have a cute booty, I have a cute booty…” Each time the booty getting longer and shaking those buns for all her worth! If my phone had been charged it would have been great blackmail some day. LOL