Liar Liar 🤥

Go Fund Me. com is a wonderful site. It helps people that truly are in need. It also oddly enough helps to catch people that are lying through their teeth and frankly, deserve to be swatted on the backside.

Way this sudden odd post from me? Well, recently a Go Fund Me page was started for a man and his dog. He claimed that he was a victim of a hate crime in my little ole’ town of Bend. Now it’s not like this town doesn’t have it’s share of crime, it does, but something just didn’t feel right. He claimed it happened on a busy road, on a weekend when this town is full of people and no one saw anything? Doubtful.

Come to find out after an investigation from our county sheriff’s department and the Portland PD (this man lives there) he did in fact lie about this crime. Seriously???? All for money and some attention. We don’t know the outcome of what will happen to him but I’m hoping at least a fine for the police time investigating his lies.

People need to realize how serious these crimes are. People die every day in this country and around the world for the color of their skin and it’s heartbreaking. Why try and make it worse by adding to the pile? Why try and make the hate grow when it’s not needed? I’m not naive enough to believe that all hate will disappear forever but we can certainly do better than we do now.




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