Wow 😳

I just read a news article about how marriage is costing people more than we think. It’s taking us away from our friends, family and social time out of the home. It’s making us more isolated from the “things that should matter most.”

What a crock! I’m sorry but as our society moves further away from our Christian roots the more BS flies. Marriage was not created to make us less social with the outside world or keep us from our parents and siblings. It was not created to make us less successful (at one point that was mentioned in the article).

I’m not going to make this a big biblical post. I’m going to make this very simple. God created marriage for a man and woman to leave their parents and create a life of together. BOOM 💥

Of course, we as humans never leave anything alone and always attempt to perfect and change things that aren’t broken and then break them.

Sorry 😐 to verbally spew this morning and I’m sure some of you don’t agree but there is my opinion.

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