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Mr. Mom

At some point in your lives I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “Sticks out like a sore thumb.” That totally describes my poor husband. He lives in a household dominated by women. Our cat is even a girl. Which is pretty hysterical considering he grew up in a house that was dominated by boys. Talk about role reversals.

That fact that he is laid back and takes most of life in stride serves him well in this house. Especially sense I am so not that way. I’m loud, he’s quiet. I’m a worrier, he’s not (as much). I tend to overreact (thanks dad, lol) in situations, he does not. So needless to say I’m thankful that this man is in my life everyday to help me see that other side and keep me from (mostly) doing and saying stupid stuff. But I tell you he has got to look up at the sky and shake his head at God and say “Why?” some days.

I won’t bore you with the details but I work full time and Mike stays home with kids and works a part time night position. Now that the twins are in school it’s not as a demanding job (yes it is a job being a stay at home parent) but it has created some interesting situations. He’s a guy, they are girls. There are differences.

We never shut the bathroom door in the house (unless their are guests we aren’t totally without manners) might as well avoid the hands under the door. But of course that means the girls run in and interrupt Mike when he is going to the bathroom.

Like when Kayla ran right up to her dad starred at him for a second and then “Dad, your front butt looks weird!” and ran out to tell her sisters.

Then of course there was the time Kayla put her hand in the way of the pee stream just to see what it was. I laughed so hard I thought I would die, Mike was embarrassed and Kayla needed a bath.

We were recently coming back from the valley. We have to stop along the way due to tiny little girl bladders (I’m not one of them, nurse remember, 12 hour shifts trained me well). As I was herding my little passel of kiddos into the bathroom Mike came in to. Not unusual for all of us to be in the same bathroom but you should have seen the scandalized faces of the people waiting in line as we all filed out of the bathroom!!!  Basically, my husband deserves a medal of honor for being Mr. Mom in this house full of girls. I have quite a few more stories of embarrassing moments but I’ll spare my poor husband. He is a wonderful man and I’m so lucky to have him. Love you honey.

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